Soapbox moment, drum roll please...


So I wanted to set up an online space for like minded people into their dance music and grow a community where we can share, promote, follow, enjoy and discover all without the constraints and concerns of using a certain well known social networking website.

I realised I only really use that website for music and the rest actually pisses me off and I certainly don't want any snooping or collection of my valuable and personal data to be sold to corporations or companies. Let alone the concern of government snooping and/or violations of our online privacy.

Also these days the algorithms are fucked, you post something and it's only seen by the same few people every time. And if you're advertising on there then you've probably noticed how disappointing the reach is, and the results.

On here you can filter out all the other tosh and concentrate on what's actually of interest - music and all things related.

I hope you visit, spread the word, stay with us and I'm totally committed to making this a very cool online music community that we can all enjoy and gain something positive by being here.

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me on my page,


Who's it for?

Anyone into dance music. Whether you listen to dance music, make it, promote it, sell it, go to clubs, festivals, you're a community already, a group, a record label, a singer, a musician, radio station, magazine, website, DJ, producer, promoter, a fan, the list goes on.

Any genre, everyone is welcome. We don't discriminate.


16 Loop - Connect with like minded musos, mixers and makers.